Beautysen - PRAGUE
Unique 7-zonal Pocket Spring mattresses Beautysen
Mattresses without glue, without toxic smell and without chemical fumes
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Beautysen - PRAGUE
Unique 7-zonal Pocket Spring mattresses Beautysen
Mattresses without glue, without toxic smell and without chemical fumes
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Your current mattress is not suitable for a healthy sleep?
Is your mattress toxic and smells unpleasant?
Did you have any problems or did you already face complaints about the smell of the mattress?
As can be seen from the screenshot - the problem with the smell of the mattress is very common, and the proof of this is a lot of questions and discussions on the Internet.
Write a smell of a new mattress on Google search, and in many articles and links you can read that there is a serious problem with the toxic smell of mattresses.
Our mattresses smell and similar complaints are missing!
So why do most new mattresses have a smell, and our mattresses are odorless?
Unlike most manufacturers, we produce mattresses without the use of glue! And so our mattresses are Beautysen odorless glue. We have an independent spring block in the size of a mattress and we use not a foam box around the perimeter, but a unique system for strengthening the edges with steel springs Z-spring springs. Thanks to this, the mattresses have natural ventilation (separate layers are not glued together). And the result is a unique and environmentally friendly mattress, which our customers are happy with.

The smell of glue in our mattress is not.
May search, smell, but just the smell - no. Because we do not use glue. Do not believe? Check it for yourself by watching the Beautysen mattress assembly video.

And still do not believe us?
We invite you to visit our Show in Prague and we will show it to you.

Beautysen mattresses with independent spring unit.
Block to mattress size!
Due to the technology of vertical springs, our spring block in mattresses occupies the entire basis of the mattress. For other manufacturers, on each side of the mattress, it * is eaten * by 10 - 15 cm. As a result, you get not the number of springs, which is indicated in the passport of the product, but up to 35% less than stated.
Mattresses Beautysen
Other manufacturers

How are the edges of the mattresses reinforced by other manufacturers, and how are the edges of our mattresses strengthened?
Most manufacturers use a foam box or artificial latex (as our competitors like to call it)
This box is characterized by low density and low rigidity. Low density means that the edges of such a mattress will begin to collapse within a year, as a result of which, dents will be formed on the sides of the mattress
And also foam rubber turns yellow, because a chemical reaction of structural destruction occurs in it. Springs also retain their original appearance throughout the claimed mattress life. At the same time, they completely retain their shape and properties.
Our mattresses are reinforced with steel frames and Z-Spring side springs
The design that we offer allows you to sit comfortably on the mattress, without fear that it will shed its sidewall over time
The springs are located around the perimeter of the mattress with a certain interval, allowing to provide good support for the sides around the perimeter of the mattress.

Our mattresses breathe!
Try to put a fan in front of a piece of foam. The air does not pass through the foam. And in our mattresses there is no foam, and thanks to this the core of the mattress breathes perfectly.
Mattresses Beautysen
Other manufacturers

Something spilled on the mattress? Is your mattress wet?
Due to poor ventilation of the mattress, spilled fluid is very long.
It dries out and mold forms inside the mattress. Mold is very harmful to any organism, because harmful toxic fumes are evaporated from it. In addition, in the mattress, with prolonged exposure to moisture, begins the process of corrosion of the spring wire. Rusty springs creak and may burst. If the liquid is poured on our mattress, the moisture dries out of the mattress much faster due to excellent ventilation. Mold does not have time to form, and the springs will not rust.

Independent springs Pocket Spring - the basis of all orthopedic mattresses
7 orthopedic zones "POCKET SPRING"
The optimal number of zones of the orthopedic mattress corresponds to 7 zones of the human body: head, chest, lower back, pelvis, hips, legs and legs.
These 7 zones in the mattress allow you to get a perfect copy of the figure of a sleeping person. Since each part of the human body has a different pressure on the mattress, the springs of different hardness are arranged in such a way as to create 7 zones of the mattress. Mattresses made from these types of springs are much better because the springs do not touch each other and thus provide a more comfortable sleep.

BeautySen Complete Collection
  • Healthy and safe sleep. Protecting the body from allergies
    This is the most important advantage of our mattresses compared to other manufacturers. Unlike the vast majority of competitors, we do not use glue in the production of Beautysen mattresses.
  • The solid construction of the mattress prolongs its service life. You can sit on the mattress without worrying that the edges of the mattress will bend or deform
    The unit is located in the entire size of the mattress and is the basis of the entire mattress. The steel frame is installed at the top and bottom of the mattress. And competitors have a spring block dangling inside a foam box, which can lead to a deformation of the mattress. The foam box starts to crumble after the first year of using the mattress. Our steel frame construction with steel side Z-Sping springs retains its original shape and physical parameters throughout the mattress life cycle.
  • Beautysen mattresses are ready to use immediately after purchase
    After unpacking, the mattress does not require ventilation, as it is odorless.
  • Dust and moisture do not accumulate in the mattress
    Due to the lack of a polyurethane box in the Beautysen mattresses, moisture and dust do not accumulate. The air passes through the walls of the mattress without any difficulty, thanks to which the inner part of the mattress breathes perfectly.
  • Only we have improved 7 zone Beautysen mattresses
    These seven zones in the mattress provide an ideal copy of the shape of the body of a sleeping person. Since each part of the human body has different needs, the Pocket Spring springs of different hardness are arranged in such a way as to create 7 zones of the mattress. Pocket Spring mattresses are much better because the springs do not touch each other and, thus, provide a more comfortable sleep.
  • Dense jacquard and knitted fabrics with a high content of natural fibers
    The mattress cover is stitched with a padding polyester with a thickness of 1 cm. Dense fabric is resistant to abrasion. The softness of the cover provides a feeling of comfort throughout the life of the mattress and retains the attractive appearance of the mattress
  • Full compliance with the stated product specifications
    For twenty years of producing mattresses without glue, we have gained a wide experience in both production and development. In our mattresses you will not find randomly selected and unsuitable materials. All models of high quality and at an affordable price. All our mattresses are tested by long-term tests. We give a 100% guarantee that the mattress you bought meets the product specifications.
BEAUTYSEN - an investment for your health
Your mattresses will be found here!
Are there chemicals in mattresses?
Is the glue contained in mattresses safe?
The adhesive used in mattresses for bonding layers is a serious problem from the point of view of toxicity and subsequent harm to health.
List of chemicals found in mattress adhesives
More information in the video
Write or call us. We love to chat with our customers.

Beautysen mattresses with independent spring unit.
Warranty on the spring unit - 15 years
The rest of the mattress - a guarantee of 24 months. Approved service life: 15 years. Mattresses are not suitable for curling during transport. Twisting leads to deformation of the shape of the mattress.
For over 20 years, Beautysen innovative mattresses have been manufactured using mechanical assembly technology without the use of glue. Each product is unique because it is made by hand. This allows Beautysen mattresses to provide a number of advantages over traditional models of mattresses made with glue.
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